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All You Need To Know About Website Design Trends

Mobile First

Developers and designers are starting to make more sites with a mobile-first perspective as most of the money now comes from this device. To ensure a good UX on smaller screens, it’s essential for designers and developers working in web development or design to have experience developing them as they will be vital in the creation of an app-based website which requires special attention due to the limited space available. This is why it’s important to speed up loading times as many users log on to their phones to check their email during lunch breaks.

More Oblique/Organic Shapes

April showers bring May flowers This is the reason you’re getting more vibrant colors and round corners on websites. Backgrounds have evolved from using 90deg angles for design elements , such as profile avatars or form input. You can now use interesting perspectives to keep your customers interested. Making sure your website fits with the latest trends helps build trust between you and potential customers allowing them not just to purchase from you but to also recommend your products to boost sales exponentially.

More Animations and Interactions

JQuery and other web technologies are helping to make animated websites more well-known. These scripts transform your website into a place to read printed text, and they also let interaction between the user and elements of the site. This is an enormous advancement over the earlier limitations of what you could accomplish before images were made available to the world-wide web.

Web sites are becoming increasingly interactive. While not reverting back to the 1990s ugly design slide transitions on pages and information panels are a great way to make your site appear more engaging. The more interaction generated by techniques like these can help drive visitors to revenue-generating activities on a website , which can allow you to achieve an improved per-visit value (RPV).


To keep their websites’ traffic high and not allow them to be sent off-site, the HTML 5 tag is becoming more sought-after. With more platforms available for video content hosting (including streaming), businesses can handle this with greater ease than they ever have before. Using these tags allows companies’ videos to seamlessly integrate with their website and gives them a wider selection of players.

Video backgrounds

Due to the increasing popularity of video backgrounds, you can utilize them to your advantage. This will increase customer engagement. They can increase conversion rates by offering more information than conventional images. Additionally, videos are easier to read for people who are unable to read the text.

Backgrounds with video can increase awareness of your brand and increase return visits. It can be used for both general purposes and for specific types of marketing, such as eCommerce content strategies or video marketing. This will allow you to improve your site’s time to market and increase customer engagement.

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